Garage Door Off-Track Repair

The track of your garage door allows the door to move up and down. When this path is blocked, damaged, or cable is broken, the door shifts off alignment, making it difficult to operate. Additionally, this makes the garage door unstable and dangerous. You can try to fiddle with the door, but you will cause more damage to the moving parts of the garage door or the door itself.

Is your garage door off-track? Or is the spring or cable showing fault signs? This is the time to call USA Garage Door at (954) 707-6829 now.

Off-Track Garage Door

An off-track garage door is not necessarily a serious problem. It is a stressful situation and dangerous one. The garage door is a danger to your family as having a heavy door hanging is not ideal.

Our team understands the dangers associated with an off-track garage door, hence appear at your residence immediately after our number is called.

Before we begin any off-track garage door, the technician from USA Garage Door will follow these processes first.

  • Conduct a thorough examination of the door to check if the problem is a simple one like pushing the door back to the track, oiling it, or even making slight adjustments
  • Check the track for blockages, dirt, dent, or damages
  • Evaluate the state of the rollers and adjust or replace them as required
  • Check other components of the garage door to ensure they are working in sync

Fixing an off-track garage door is an extensive task and not a DIY project. At USA Garage Door, repairing an off-track garage door will beef up the security, convenience, and protection of your family and business.

Why do garage doors go off-track?

There are several reasons why a garage door comes off-track, especially in residential areas. If your garage door is not on track for any reason, call us now.

Heavy impact or force – this is the most common reason why garage doors come off their track.

Such impacts include vehicle collision from forgetting to open the door or not allowing the door to completely open before driving in or out.

The impact of playing basketball is another reason, especially if you have young adults with friends catching fun at your home.

Bad weather – earthquakes, floods, extreme cold or hot weather, can affect the metallic parts of the garage door. The constant expansion and contraction cause them to crack, bend or lose shape, making them lose track during opening or closing.

Old garage door & wear and tear – as mentioned, garage doors have 7000 to 10000 cycles. If you buy a home with a garage door, it must have gone through some cycles. Most times, garage doors are the last place any homeowner would bother to check or fix.

So the next time you move into a new home, as you go about checking the locks, remember to check the garage doors and all their components.

Poor alignment or substandard accessories – is another reason why garage doors come off-track. Most times, the services of an unskilled service man or using fake components when installing the garage door.

Whatever the reason for your garage door coming off-track, there is a professional team in Broward County to help you align, repair or install a garage door that will stay on track for a very long time.