Garage Door Cable Repair

Do you find your garage door a tad heavier than usual? Is your garage door off track or the cables seemed to be hanging loose on one end?

Do not attempt to fix it yourself. It is dangerous and can cause severe injuries or even death.

However, call (954) 707-6829 for a skilled and qualified garage door cable repairman to attend to it.

Garage door cables play a significant role in the operation of the door. They are attached to the drum on either side of the bar to make opening and closing easier. If one or both cables are broken, the door instantly becomes heavy and stuck.

If you suspect your garage door cable is/are broken, do not attempt to force it open or close but call USA Garage Door immediately.

Garage door cables are of two types. They attach to the base of the door to the drum on both sides of the door. It helps to maintain an even weight distribution with the springs during operation. If the cable snaps or is detached from the drum, do not attempt anything other than calling the professionals. You will cause more damage if you forcefully use the door and might result in installing a new garage door.

Repairing a garage door cable

When your garage is weighty, not aligned, or shaky during operation, call us now. We offer cable repair services to residents and commercial outlets in Broward County. If you feel your garage door is not working, as usual, call the professionals at USA Garage Door, Broward County. Our technician will replace the cables – even if only one is broken, both cables will be replaced to ensure a repeat incidence does not happen. Our team will go the extra mile to check other working components to make the operation flawless.

How do you know that your garage door cables need repairs?

 Like the springs on a garage door, the cables are also heavy wires that perform the same function too. Additionally, they have a specific number of cycles and need routine maintenance to last long. Weather effects, numerous use, and lack of care hasten the degrading process resulting in damage.

  • The door would open or is stuck halfway. In some cases, the drum automatically stops triggering the safety feature until a professional resolves it.
  • The door opens fast during operation.
  • It is heavy and lopsided.
  • It does not align with the edges of the door when closed
  • You notice the cables are loose or do not roll up as tight as usual
  • The garage door is not straight
  • They are rusted, corroded, or worn.

If your garage door cable falls in any of the categories above, give USA Garage Door a call. The number is (954) 707-6829, or fills out the contact form immediately.

If you need emergency repair service, schedule a repair now.

Why hire USA Garage Door today?

Whether you are repairing, maintaining, or replacing, a garage door is tedious and dangerous. It requires competent and skillful professionals using the right tools.

DO NOT TRY TO DIY YOUR GARAGE DOOR CABLE. They can snap and hurt you badly.

USA Garage Doors have decades of experience and use our five senses in dealing with garage door cables. Do not allow the tension with your garage cables to spoil your day. Call us now at (954) 707-6829.