Broken Spring Replacement

Did you just hear a snap or loud noise as you tried opening your garage door? The spring could be broken.

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A broken spring is not a quick fix or a DIY job. So if you find yourself in a spring fix, call the right team with the right tools to check it out.

Remember, spring replacements are dangerous. Please do not attempt to fix, adjust or manipulate them yourself. It could lead to severe injuries.

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The Garage Spring Replacement

A typical garage door weight up to 160 kilograms is pretty heavy, but the spring attachments allow the door to be lifted and dropped effortlessly. These springs are constantly experiencing tension and extension and will break after consistent wear and tear.

Do you know that a regular garage door spring lasts for 10,000 cycles? A cycle is defined as opening and closing the door. If the door is opened 4 times a day, that is 28 times/week, 112 times per month, 1344 times a year.

So a typical garage spring should last 7 years and 4 months with these numbers. This is applicable when you carry out regular maintenance and ensure all other parts are in perfect working conditions.

If you open more, the number of years reduces according. Garage doors have two kinds of springs. The torsion springs and the extension springs

The torsion springs are the ones that run across the top of the garage door bar. It consists of a drum, spring, and shaft assembly, and the number depends on how big the garage door is. Torsion springs are heavier but enable equal distribution of weight during opening and closing. They are also more expensive than extension springs and are mainly employed in residential garage doors.

The Extension springs are lighter but do an effective job opening and closing the door. Extension springs are situated at the horizontal bar of the garage door and help balance the torsion spring when in use. Although its lifespan is shorter, it does an excellent job at protecting your home and loved ones.

Why you need a spring replacement?

Garage spring break for lots of reasons

  • It is old and worn out – this is mostly it. Some springs are so old you wonder how they survived the trauma.
  • You are overusing your garage door, putting extra strain on the spring. By monitoring your cycles, you should tell when it needs changes.
  • It was making a funny noise, and you ignore it. This is a common excuse we get, but it is dangerous. When your garage door starts to experience some difficulty, call the technician.
  • It’s rusted or gets cranky during winter. This is caused by a lack of maintenance and general oversight of the springs.

Is your garage door experiencing any of the above? Call USA Garage Door at (954) 707-6829 immediately. This is not a job for tomorrow but today.