About Us

USA Garage Door – the leading garage door specialist in Broward County

If your garage door needs some tenderness, love, and care, there is no better team than choosing the best service team in Broward Country.

Garage doors are also entrance and exit doors in homes and commercial premises and must always be in perfect working conditions regardless of the season.

In Broward County, we have built a solid and reliable service reputation for residents and business owners. As a business with a base in Broward County, our goal is to be on-ground within the hour to resolve your garage issue.

Who Are We ?

USA Garage Door is a family-owned business with decades of experience servicing garage doors in Broward County. Fixing and helping people is our little way of giving back to the community that supported us throughout the years. Over the years, each customer is not just another client, but a significant member of society. We have continually educated ourselves with the best skills to exceed our customer expectations, whether you are a residential or commercial customer. We offer countless services and more as it relates to garage doors.

If you have a problem with garage doors, we have the brains to work around it without breaking the bank.

Read through the service page to know more about what we do and how we do it.

Our Team

We cannot talk about USA Garage Door without acknowledging the men that work so hard to ensure that you are never locked out of your home via your garage door.

Our technicians have learned the craft using old reliable methods blended with innovative means of the 21st century. This is why we guarantee that every service is impeccable. Our team is professional installers, repairmen, and consultants in garage door brands and types.

What makes us different?

Our prices – we know the competition in the market. Although we try to give the best for a merger amount, we will never compromise on quality and brand. Additionally, if there is a price change, we will discuss it and come to a middle line without being disregarding.

Our customer service – it is one thing to assist residents to fix or install their garage doors. We go the extra mile to ensure it is working fine weeks and months later. So do not be taken aback if you see one of our technicians knocking at your door months after a repair or installation.

High-quality service and accessories – a garage door is the most worked door in a home. Regardless of the purpose it serves, opening and closing a heavy door take some life out of it. However, with USA Garage Door, we do not use substandard products and will never compromise on quality.

We give same day service and delivery with free quotes

Our Mission

USA Garage Doors aims to provide the best customer service in Broward County using only high-quality materials and excellent finishes to fit their needs and homes.

Do you need more information about what we do? Or are you looking to partner with us?

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