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How many times in a day do you open your garage door? At least 4 times on a typical day and more on busy days, we are sure of that.

But that is not a problem. We are just around the corner should your garage door decide it needs a checkup. USA Garage Door is a family-owned business with decades of experience. Your garage door is an entrance and exit door to your home, and if security is a question, we can help you with that too.  It doesn’t matter what type of problem or the time

If your garage door suddenly gets stuck, call USA Garage Door immediately. Do not wait for the door to get stuck or extensively damaged. USA Garage Door is at your service.

ANY SERVICE YOU NEED Installation Repair Maintenance

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About USA Garage Door

We wish a garage door is a DIY job, but it is not, and that is why you need one before trouble starts. Well, you are in luck because USA Garage Door, Broward County, is great team for the job.

We have been repairing garage doors and installing security closures for decades. We know our job because we have walked the walk and are talking the talk right now. Our residents in Broward County know that there is one trusted, reliable, and a guaranteed company that repairs and covers all aspects of garage doors. It does not matter what type of garage door you have. We will fix it. Whether it is swing open, remote-controlled, roll-up, or any other designs, USA Garage Door Broward Country will assist you with it.

As a family-owned business, this is more than a job or a means of earning an income. We love security systems, and a garage door is one way to ensure your home or business is secured. Garage doors do not necessarily have to be where the car is packed, but if you have a large-looking door in your home that does not work like the regular door; we are the garage door experts near you.

Aside from having the passion for fixing garage doors, we have been certified and have passed through the necessary training to ensure we deliver an exceptional job with each call.

Your garage door is a convenience that you cannot afford to overlook. Hence it must be working flawlessly and add to the aesthetic look of your home. So if your garage door starts developing a problem, we will quickly diagnose it, get it fixed and ensure it does not happen again.

Additionally, we also install new garage doors and parts, replace missing or broken parts, and conduct routine maintenance checks for all types of garage doors. We also offer high-grade products to ensure that you do not buy substandard parts from uncertified dealers.

Finally, we are your garage door repairman near you. If you ever need a trusted, reliable, and affordable but high-quality job done on your garage door, call us at (954) 707-6829 now.

Do not wait for the door to get stuck or extensively damaged. USA Garage Door, Broward County is at your service.

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What Do We Do ?

We ensure that you and your family are safe and protected on your property

That is what we do really and we do this by ensuring that your garage door is functional and efficient to deliver its job of safeguarding your home and valuables.

However, we know most people would go online and watch DIY videos about fixing one garage door problem or another; these are good but let’s clarify one misconception. Contrary to popular beliefs, they are inexperienced and blah, blah blah. Most of those videos are made by people with knowledge and skills in dealing with garage doors.

So what can we do for you?

Asides from ensuring that your home, loved ones, and valuables are protected, we do everything relating to garage doors. Our services include garage door difficulties resulting from bad remote batteries, broken seals, twist springs, chains, rust, weather issues, and other problems. While you try to fiddle your way out of a garage door situation, there is a reliable solution if you live in Broward County.

Do you have the skills and knowledge they have?

While you might be successful, mistakes and unforeseen damages can happen. This causes you to spend more money or, in some cases, changing the entire garage door. If you do not have the experience dealing with garage doors, you are compromising the safety of your home, family members and opening it for intruders to invade your space.

Additionally, a wrongly fixed or incompletely fixed garage door can injure a child or cause more harm when in use.

Still, think you do not need a garage door repairman?

You do not have to answer that but listen up.

Like so many other things in life, the garage door is one of the most abandon objects in a home. We hardly remember it, and even when we hear clinking or metallic noise, we still do nothing because it is still working.

But, there is a problem lurking in the open, as your garage door is open to the elements. It is beat by the sun, frozen by the snow and these weather changes cause expansion and contraction that affect the metallic parts of the garage door. With time, this result is the misalignment and awful noise.

It is USA GARAGE DOOR REPAIR SERVICES We will analyze the cause and proffer a solution within minutes.

So if your garage door or any part is acting up, call (954) 707-6829 now.

Why Should You
Choose Us?

We are a certified professional garage door repair team with a headquarters based in Broward County. Your garage door is the entrance or exit point of your home, and we care what happens to it. While a good garage door should work like a hot knife through butter, sometimes life happens.

We are a customer-centric service provider, and our customers are the key (or door) to success. Most customers want a specific option or fixes and all that, but we analyze the situation and proffer a better solution. We treat our customers like our business partners; always ensuring it is right for you.
We are available all day, every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. If your garage door has a problem during the holidays, you have a team to attend to you effectively. USA Garage Door is all about maximum satisfaction using high-quality parts.
We offer an impeccable service second to none in Broward County. Additionally, our prices are highly competitive, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We sell you affordable price and try to eliminate hard sell or cause and haggling. Whether you are buying a new garage door or fix an old one, you get only great price from USA Garage Door, Broward County.
We have an experienced team – We cannot work with the supportive team that runs around ensuring garage doors are working well. With decades in the business, we have gathered all the knowledge from past and innovative means to help fix and satisfy you. Our experts will ensure reliability, safety, efficiency, and functionality.

Other Reasons To Choose Us


have a customized repair technique for each door- all garage doors serve the same purpose, but each one is different as their problem. Even if two garage doors have the same problem, the cause is different. We do not apply a one-repair approach for all doors.


always ask what the garage door is used for before initiating a repair. We do this to know what fits the situation. For example, a bad garage door can injure kids. So depending on the use, we offer a fix to suit the situation.


have great customer service team ready to dispatch a repairman to your vicinity. Every garage door call is an emergency to us. Our competent customer service will ask the necessary questions so that the technician has the right tools to resolve any problem on arrival.

Our technicians will find out the issue and discuss the solution with you

USA Garage Door is all about maximum satisfaction using high-quality parts. Your garage door is a safety hazard if not fixed. Do you have a problem? Call (954) 707-6829 toll-free now.

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ANY SERVICE YOU NEED Installation Repair Maintenance

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